One World Order


If you heard what Glenn Beck was reporting before he was banished from FOX News, you might have been awakened to the concept of the One World Order, and the person of George Soros, and you would be very concerned.

George Soros said, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”  Those who believe in the One World Order, which includes most liberals and all progressives, want open borders and an elite government, meaning a large government that owns and runs everything with the few at the top called the “ruling elite”. The government will run the earth, and you and I will have no property, freedoms or personal rights.

According to Glenn Beck, Soros is responsible for infiltrating 50 countries with a “Shadow Government”, a government you do not see. Some of those countries do not have nice things to say about Soros including Thailand, Japan and Great Britain. We believe the government we elect, however bad they are, are the ones making the decisions, again however bad they are, not others like George Soros pulling the strings from behind the curtain (Puppet Master). It has occurred to me that Barrack Obama, no matter how inexperienced he is, which is very, could not make all of the mistakes he has made and committed all of the damage to our economy that he has, unless there is another agenda we do not know being run by someone we cannot see.

We always encourage everyone to do their own research, particularly if one does not believe this, and particularly if one is a democrat/liberal who does not even know who Bill Ayers is (and believe it or not there are some).

How would George Soros do these things? What would be his plan?  Glenn Beck says you only have to learn from Soros’ own words from his many books and speeches.  Soros would do the following: (1) Create a Shadow Government and infiltrate the target country by using humanitarian aid. (2) Control the airwaves. (3) Destabilize the country through an economic and/or political crisis. (4) Provoke an election crisis and yell voter fraud. (5) Stage massive demonstrations and accuse the opponents of voter fraud through the radio and TV media which he controls. (6) Take the Power.

You might also want to research and watch the following Soros funded and controlled 501(c)(3) organizations: Open Society Institute, Tides Foundation, Apollo Alliance, Center for American Progress, Institute for Policy Studies, Rukas Society, Sojourners, and Media Matters.

George Soros states he does not accept rules imposed by others. He rather views himself as something of a god (in his words), and thus apparently above everyone’s rules.  Soros invested 1 million dollars into the Huffington Press, a far left online media. He also invested 1.8 million dollars into National Public Radio (NPR) to help them hire investigative journalists. NPR is subsidized by about $400,000 of our tax dollars. How do you feel about that? Does this appear that Soros is building his own media empire per number 2 above and will use it to influence elections beyond where our liberal media has already willingly gone in that regard?

It might be a good idea for us to keep the above six strategic steps in mind and simply watch how things develop. However, by the time we see number 6 in place, it will be too late. At that point the last of Mr. Soro’s concerns will be removed and we will be the One World Order he wants to put in place and control. However, he is over 80 years old, so who knows.