Flag & the 14 year old (Political Correctness & Appeasement)


Is it time to stop this Political Correctness?  Is it time to tell people that if they cannot be proud of their country and proud to be a citizen of it, then it is time they go to the country in which they can feel better?  Yes to both!

I do not know about you, but I for one am getting very sick and tired of hearing from those who do not want our American flag displayed, they want to bury our history and heritage, and they want to stop even the slightest mention of “God”.

Did you hear some years ago about the school principal in California who told a 14 year old boy that he could no longer display the American flag on his bicycle when at school, and this happened on Veteran’s Day week.  Why you would ask, “to avoid racial tensions”.  Now help me out here, in California it is one’s First Amendment right to burn the flag, but one cannot display it?

As far as I am concerned, that principal should be run out of our country that he or she obviously hates.  Let him or her try that in Mexico, or North Korea, or Iran, or Venezuela!

Have we not yet learned that one of the Communist/Socialist strategies is to control one’s speech, including the display of our flag, the spirit of nationalism, and the mention of God.  If people can be restrained from speaking their mind in passionate terms that will motivate others, all people can be controlled.  Have we been letting that happen? You bet we have!  Are we going to change that? I darn sure hope we are finally getting up the guts to do so!  For if we do not, we are appeasing the enemy of our country and giving in to the destruction of our freedoms and our principals, and the burying of our heritage.

You make the call.