I have for so many years been a strong supporter of NFL football.  You know how it goes, stake out a spot on the couch on Sundays (all day) and Monday evenings, thus giving up important hours and hours. That time could have been devoted to far more important and meaningful accomplishments, but the football games were great.  Well, not any more.

            When I watched Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback of my beloved San Francisco 49ers, disrespect our country, our flag, and our National Anthem by refusing to stand up, that was very bad for me and lots of other football fans I know.  But I believed I would see the 49ers put a stop to this conduct, but they did not.  Then I expected the NFL league office would put a stop to this conduct, but they did not either.

            My outrage could have been confined only to not watching a game in which Kaepernick played, or a game in which the 49ers played.  But my outrage extended to the entire sport of Professional football.  Let me tell you why.

            (1) Remember last year when several of the black St. Louis Rams football players ran onto the field during opening ceremonies with their hands up in support of the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” lie out of the Ferguson tragedy?  The NFL did nothing about that demonstration.

            (2) Then this year there was the Dallas Cowboys making a request to the NFL to have decals on their helmets to respect those five police officers killed by the Black Lives Matter movement.  The NFL said “No”.

            (3) Then at 9-11 week this year several players wore athletic shoes expressing respect for the lives lost in 9-11.  The NFL fined each player $6,000.00.  But then there was Kaepernick again, who wore socks during practice mocking police in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.  The NFL did nothing to him, no fine, no nothing.

            (4) This Sunday, September 25, 2016, at the San Diego Charges/Indianapolis Colts game many black players on both teams sat or kneeled, and/or held their fists in the air during the National Anthem.  I’m sure they will pay no price either.

            NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came out and said on September 18, 2016, “the league will encourage players to use their voice to promote social change”, and “As I’ve said before, I truly respect our players wanting to speak out and change the community”, and, “We don’t live in a perfect society. We want them to use their voice...”.

            Well Mr. Goodell, when such statements are disrespectful to our country, to our flag, to our National Anthem, to our fallen heroes who fought and died for our country, and to our people, there just may be a big price to pay for such “voice to promote social change”.  And further, why is it Mr. Goodell that the speech of disrespect is tolerated and supported by you and the NFL but the speech respecting our police officers and fallen heroes is not?  And don’t hide behind clothing rules.  Change the rules.  Make new rules that are fair, balanced, and respectful to the country and those fans that provide the money and support to allow for those disrespectful players to be paid their unseemly millions.

            Until then Mr. Goodell and the NFL — Goodbye!