Don Crawford


Don was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA; went all through school there, and then graduated from college after three years in the U.S. Military.

At this point, Don moved his family to Shasta County, were they resided in the City of Anderson.  After being in business for six years, Don's career took him back to L.A.  Much later, following many years of work as a Dentist, they retired and returned to Shasta County in 2007; and now reside in the city of Redding.

In 2009 the very important Tea Party Movement started across our entire Nation.  Don and his wife Susan... being good Conservatives… joined it immediately.  In this patriotic and premier organization, they met Pete and Patti Jo Peters and soon became good friends.

Within two years they decided they could increase their patriotic effectiveness.  Don, his wife Susan and other patriots (Don, being the Treasurer) established this ever-more popular Freedom in Action program on KQMS, Redding Radio.