News Media Bias and Corruption

            The editors of the Record Searchlight and the Orange County Register find it difficult to understand and to comprehend that a conservative candidate would seek to attack the news media.  They would like to believe such a candidate wants the media to protect them from unflattering coverage.  However, could it be such candidates simply would like to see the news media be fair and balanced in their reporting? 

            Glaring examples of media bias are many.  How about the New York Times, a known far left newspaper.  They have been devoting sometimes as many as eleven articles in the same edition bashing Donald Trump, suggesting he lies and fact checking virtually every utterance the man makes, which they do not do to Hillary Clinton, which is certainly fertile ground for any news reporting agency. 

            Then there is CNN (Clinton News Network).  They were just recently caught doing the following; (1) They added a word to one of Trump’s statements about the possibility of “profiling” to protect our country.  CNN added the offensive word “racial” to the statement making it “racial profiling”.  (2) As to Clinton, they removed what they feared was an offensive word she did in fact state, “bomb”. At the same time they were bashing Trump for calling a “bomb” a “bomb” suggesting he came out too soon, they removed the very same word, “bomb”, from one of Clinton’s comments made at the same time.  They were doing the dirty work on Trump while they were providing cover for Clinton on exactly the same subject. 

            Further, the Record Searchlight editorial goes on to state such an objection “betrays a contempt for free press...” and speaks to the “decades old fight between conservatives and the ‘liberal media’...”.  Such appears to be suggesting there is a normalcy to such bias implying that conservatives should just accept the truth that media is liberally biased, that such is OK, and that the conservatives should just get over it. 

            The Record Searchlight editor obviously was attempting to make us feel somehow guilty for objecting to unfair and corrupt treatment by the news media.  Is this in itself yet another example of the bias and corruption of our current day news media?  Of course it is, and we do not have to like it nor remain quiet about it.  We will fight back, and we will call them out every time!