Duty, Honor, Country


What are we willing to give for our country? What sacrifices are we willing to make? What property are we willing to lose?  Which of us is willing to give our life for our Country?  These are the questions we must ask of ourselves when our Country’s future and well being is on the line, when our friends, family and neighbors are being threatened with loss of freedoms and liberty, loss of prosperity, and the advance of socialism, communism and a One World Order, or worse.

General Douglas McArthur coined the words “Duty, Honor, Country,” and he said: “Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be.” Those who have valiantly served our Country, particularly in time of war, not only heard those words, but lived by them. It was understood, it was expected, those three words said all that needed to be said about how our military heros lived, thought and fought, as between each other and as to their dedication to our Country. From basic training to the front lines, those three words were bred into our military heroes. That much we know, that we can count on.

There are some other hallowed words we should remember, “Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor.” These were the words of our founding fathers, who, as these words depict, were willing to sacrifice their lives, their property and money, and who they were. They all knew that if they lost the fight for independence from Great Britain, the fight to make our Country free, they would surely lose everything they owned, would be tried for treason, and would be hung until their death.

From our founding fathers to our military heroes, so many have risked, given and lost so much to gain and protect our freedoms and our liberties. It is therefore so hard to watch the progressive members of Congress so willing to participate in the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America” which will destroy the very freedoms for which our forefathers and our military heroes fought and sacrificed. How can so many people elected to represent citizens of our Country, who took an oath to protect and defend our Country from all enemies foreign and domestic, participate in a corrupt government which has as its sole purpose the elimination and destruction of our freedoms and the reduction of our Country, from a great leader of the world to a third rate Country that has no friends and that no one respects?

And another question. Look around you. How many people are even paying any attention whatsoever to their impending loss of freedoms? And if some of those people have any clue of what is happening, how many are perfectly willing to allow others to wage the battle while they spend their time with their toys or in front of their big screen TV watching sports or their favorite reality show.

Which are you? Are you one of those who are asleep at night, or are you one of the Paul Reveres sounding the alarm to those sleeping soles that the invaders are coming? Are you one of those who believes in “Duty, Honor, Country” and willing to sacrifice your “Life, Fortune, and Sacred Honor,” or are you one who is simply willing to let others do that? If you think we are not in an ideological war for the future of our Country, think again! The facts are clear. This President and his administration, the Progressive Congress, and the Progressive/Liberal compliant news media are intent on taking away your freedoms! Your Country needs you, are you willing to join the fight? Are you ready to make the sacrifice now, or are you just comfy in your home, as long as you have it?

For Patrick Henry in 1775 it was “As for me, give me liberty or give me death.” As for me, now in 2015, I say we must not shrink from the battle, we must love our Country and our brethren and we must defeat those who wish us harm. “Duty, Honor, Country,” are you in?