The Times They Are Troubling

I wrote this piece in August 2010.  With some limited exceptions it is amazing how appropriate these issues remain. After electing Republican majorities in both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, it is very troubling that little if anything has changed.

If one just steps back and looks at the landscape from the point of view of main street America and from the point of view of today’s national politics, America no longer feels like “The Brady Bunch”, “Father Knows Best”, or “Andy of Mayberry”.  Actually, it feels more like we have lost the wholesomeness of America as it once was.  When we have concerns about where our country is going we must then look at the leadership.  In days and years past we certainly could find some faults with our Presidents.  But did we ever have that awful feeling that our President did not love our country, or that, could it be our President has a greater allegiance to a power or authority from a place other than America?

With this President comes serious questions of why he has snubbed our allies, i.e. Israel and Great Britain, yet he bows to or placates countries who harbor terrorists or who potentially are our enemies, i.e. Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela?  Why is our President imposing a moratorium on deep water drilling in violation of a court injunction and watching the drill rigs leave our waters for foreign countries from whom we will purchase oil, which rigs will never return?  And why does our President, with the help of a spineless Congress and a fawning old media push laws and policies on us that are overwhelmingly opposed by the general public, and which policies are intent on changing our country to a Socialist/Communist nation?  Further, why does our President, again with the help of a spineless Congress and a fawning old media, fashion policies and legislation that only take care of his political allies, i.e. labor unions of all kinds including auto workers and public sector (SEIU) workers, all at the expense of the tax payers at large.

Speaking of Obama’s favorite political allies, labor unions, has anyone noticed how the labor union salary and benefit packages far exceed those of comparable private sector workers?  For instance, as to public sector jobs (SEIU), in 2005 average annual Federal salaries were $59,000.00 and private sector was $41,000.00.  In 2010 average annual Federal salaries went up to $71,000.00 while private sector salaries remained about the same at $40,000.00.  Has anyone noticed where the union dues go, to support political campaigns of liberal/progressive politicians?  How much of the $28 billion teachers union pension bailout (with tax payer dollars) actually will go to support those liberal/progressive politicians?  And, why is it our school education curriculum is reportedly using text books that have re-written our nation’s history by ignoring our Founding Fathers and our Christian based heritage and minimizing the importance of our Constitution.  In doing so our public education system is, by design or simply by the ideology of some teachers and professors, indoctrinating our children and young people from kindergarten through college, for the sole purpose of advancing the Socialist/Communist ideology and to perpetuate the far left liberal/progressive democrat party.

It is no mistake that Obama and his administration are well versed in the Marxist theories of Saul Alinsky in his Marxist bible entitled “Rules For Radicals”.  It is the Alinsky theories which Barack Obama himself is known to have taught to the community organizers, that states that it is not only OK but is expected that lies are to be used – as the end justifies the means.  Further, community organizers and Acorn studied and have utilized the Cloward-Pivan strategy that states – overwhelm the political system so as to bring it to failure so a new Socialist/Communist system can be created in its place.  Is there any question but that these theories are in play today and being used?  Have you ever wondered why so may promises were made and so few have been kept by this administration, except for one...”We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” you remember our President saying this?  Is there any doubt now what he meant?

And why is the birth certificate issue still raging?  Why is Barack Obama refusing to release the long form birth certificate that supposedly exists in Hawaii?  Why does Obama refuse to release his college records, where he reportedly filed as a foreign exchange student?  And why do many believe he was born in Kenya with what they believe to be valid documents?  In fact, it is said the reason Obama had the Winston Churchill bust sent back to England is a get even for England’s treatment of Kenya in years past.  Are we not entitled to the truth about this birth issue, and is not Obama morally and ethically required to address this issue?  And, shame on the Democrats for hiding the true facts.

If these issues are not enough to get you fired up, then ask what do we do when both the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Thomas Sewell, the nation’s greatest contemporary philosopher, state: if our nation continues on its present course, “The growing level of debt would increase the probability of a sudden fiscal crisis.   If a fiscal crisis occurred in the United States, policy options for responding to it would be limited and unattractive”. (CBO Brief July 27, 2010), and, that “a fatal trajectory is looming ahead of us...dangers that can utterly destroy America” (Sowell, Investor Business Daily, August 16, 2010).

With Iran moving unencumbered to nuclear weapons and threatening Israel with destruction, our President snubs Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu in one of his visits to the White House, wasted a year failing to address Iran’s nuclear threat or even proving there was any substance to his failed “touchy-feely” strategy with some of the world’s most radical and dangerous leaders.  All of this is allowing a leadership vacuum at a time when the world is trying to avoid a serious nuclear confrontation.

The bottom line–these are serious issues facing our country and our world, and our President had not one single solitary credential for becoming President - not one - and it certainly shows.  Our country and the world are being placed in most serious jeopardy as a result.  America must learn from this mistake and know that we must select a President not based on fancy speeches by telepromter and only having community organizer skills, but rather based on a long, well known, track record and a clearly demonstrated set of required skills.

That is good as it pertains to the next President, but what in the world are we to do for now in the face of a terrifying world, both economically and militarily?  Do we have to repeat the “Fall of the Roman Empire”?

August 17, 2010            Pete Peters