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Freedom in Action radio program is a local citizen radio forum featuring the current state of local, state, national and international affairs, news and political discussion.

(L)  Kelly Frost,  (R)  Pete Peters

(L) Kelly Frost, (R) Pete Peters

Freedom In Action was started in 2011 by Pete Peters and Greg Mann.  After a couple of years of sounding off together, Greg moved to Colorado leaving Pete solo. The program is now called Freedom In Action with Pete Peters & Company. It is a conservative, two hour talk show every Saturday, from 7-9am on KQMS, 105.7 FM, 104.9 FM and 1670 AM.

Pete’s show is designed for Northern Californians to call in and discuss national and local politics, but mostly national. The program is open to anyone that wants to state his or her opinion. Americans have become increasingly angry and dissatisfied with the way Leftists in Washington are taking down and destroying our country. Often there is too much to cover in the two short hours from 7-9am every Saturday morning, but they do their best.

For the two terms of Barack Obama, and now, the leftist have tried so hard to make Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules For Radicals” become the new America.  The tactics of “Top down, bottom up, inside out”...just isn’t working.  Freedom In Action points out that Americans are strong with a deep love of their country, and they are mad as hell. What these radicals in Washington have done is: they have awakened the Sleeping American Giant, and brought out the claws of the people demanding a more just and honest government. President Trump has worked very hard to keep his promises, but he cannot do this alone. He needs our fight, he needs our love for our Constitution and our heritage. We must Stay in the Fight!

This program reaches a geographical area from Chico to Dunsmuir.  You can also listen to the show by computer, live by podcast, and from the archives at KQMS.

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Please feel free to call in every Saturday morning ONLY DURING THE SHOW from 7am - 9am and let your voice be heard. (530) 221-1402.

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